About Shawn - stackhousephoto

Hello, my name is Shawn Stackhouse. On a typical day you will find me making images. My passion is for photography but imaging is also my profession. I’ve specialized in MRI and X-Ray imaging since 2007. I care for patients, sometimes on their worst day and try to do anything I can to comfort them through an otherwise unpleasant experience. I have the innate ability to quickly build a relationship with my patients and gain a sense of trust, which helps get them through their exam. Medical imaging requires me to be able to reproduce very specific types of images, which is part of the reason I find photography to be so liberating. I can make any image I want without having to follow a script.

I stumbled into photography in a time when I was looking to connect with people on a deeper level. While sharing images with friends I quickly learned that they became interested, not only in the images but also in the places where they were made. I spent much of my childhood as a Boy Scout, which helped lend me an appreciation and respect for the great outdoors. I feel most at peace when I am far from civilization, free to explore my surroundings without a schedule. Some of the most beautiful places in the world are difficult to reach, lacking roads and sometimes even trails; seeing these hidden gems is truly a privilege. I hope to inspire others to come out and see the beauty of our planet, while also giving those who lack the ability to reach them a way of understanding these places for themselves.

Human civilization has always been at odds with conserving natural places. As human population continues to grow, it will inevitably expand onto new land but I hope to one day be a part of helping to make informed decisions on places that should be left alone. I strongly believe that images of beautiful places and the wildlife found within them is among the most powerful way of swaying public opinion toward preserving these dwindling habitats.