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Data Privacy Statement

All personal information obtained during the sales process is kept confidential and will not be shared or sold to anyone else. We appreciate your business and respect the privacy of our customers.

General Information

Please allow approximately 1-3 weeks from start of sale to completion for standard product styles. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for panoramic print styles and certain plaque style options. All orders come with artist seal and certificate of authenticity.

Payment is due at time of sale. All orders and sales are final.

Limited Editions & First Print Editions

Limited edition and first set of print-pricing may vary. All Limited Editions prints are 16x24 and larger in size. The first print editions are under priced to promote initial sales!

All artwork includes a certificate of authenticity as a confirmation that the artwork is original and created by Shawn Stackhouse. The hand signed certificate will be attached to artwork and the certificate will include:

      1. Artwork title/photograph name

      2. Photograph location

      3. Image specifications

      4. Website and contact information

      5. Limited Edition pieces will also include edition number


Shipping Information

Shipped products include insurance and a tracking number. A packaging and handling fee is charged at cost, based on product size and specifications and will be included in sale price.

Completed pieces are carefully packaged to avoid transit damage. Shipping is not advised for glass prints 20×30 and larger, since they have a higher chance to shatter during shipping. Plexiglas or laminate faces are alternative options, but for local customers I prefer to hand deliver my finalized product.

Caring for your Art

Photographic prints, as with any art, will fade eventually when exposed to the natural environment. Taking care of your product can ensure longevity. All paper and matte materials are printed on acid free products and all images are of archival quality; along with framing glass. Image fading can be reduced by using UV glass for traditional printing or by ordering a plaque style which integrates UV protection into the image itself. With all pieces try to avoid direct sunlight or any strong light source, especially over an extensive time period. Also be cognizant of moisture, especially with traditionally framed pieces. Sudden temperature variation may also affect a piece so choose a hanging location that is not adjacent to air vents or heating and cooling systems.

Cleaning Tips

To clean Plaques and Metal Mounts use a soft cloth or canned air from local hardware or office supply store. For persistent stains use a slightly damp cloth followed by a dry cloth if necessary. Please refrain from using paper towels or cleaning products on artwork. To clean Metal Direct Prints use a soft microfiber cloth or canned air only. Please do not use water or any solutions on artwork.


My images are available for licensing and publishing if interested. Contact Shawn Stackhouse directly for further details: